We leave no stone unturned when it comes to dressing up for the festive season or just about any occasion. But, there comes a point that a wardrobe malfunction strikes or a ‘what-to-wear’ dilemma invites itself resulting into utter style helplessness. Now, that’s where we step in! ‘Refrain, Recycle and Render’ is the mantra that we follow here. Refrain from investing on fancy garms for each of these nine days, Recycle existing wardrobe pieces and Render them speechless with your DIY fashion skills. Leaving the Recycle part on us, scroll below to unravel TCCStyle’s DIY guide to rocking your ethic outfit this season! STEP 1 – Pull that plain denim shirt out of the myriad of clothes in your closet. STEP 2 – Collect ethnic laces and colourful threads that embrace the festive vibe strongly. Bring together a fabric glue and a rough cloth along with the laces. STEP 3 – Smoothen out the wrinkles of the denim shirt by


Draping Dramas

Sarees are one of the oldest garments that made a style statement and is still relevant today. Times have changed but the oomph appeal a saree offers hasn’t. If anything, it has only gotten sexier, bolder, contemporary and funkier while retaining its essential modest nature. One brand embracing this change is Suta. Suta is the story of daydreams coming true. Two sisters Su and Ta, dreamed their way out of the corporate world to follow their passion and Suta was born. Suta brings immensely wearable and likeable sarees in fabrics that are as soft as the skin. Each saree has a story to tell, an interesting anecdote or a memory woven along with the threads. This is what makes each Suta saree a treasure to cherish. Their gorgeous sarees range from Mal, Khesh, Jamdani, cotton handloom and linen. We chose some stunning sarees for our brand blogger collaboration and the results were sensational. We got our blogger friend Payal Scribbles

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Velvet Luxe

Velvet is a soft, rich fabric. It creates an atmosphere of opulence, indulgence and richness. This luxurious fabric velvet is back in focus in 2017 and is not limited to Indian wear. Velvet is making an appearance everywhere right from chokers to footwear and outer wear. Wearing it in an unexpected manner is the highlight of the season. Here are our top 5 velvet picks that will add a dash of glam to your wardrobe. 1. New Look printed bralette – We love this dainty, floral print bralette from New Look. Wear it on its own with a fitted skirt or throw a shirt over it and a pair of boyfriend jeans. This is a trend that is steadily going up the popularity chart. This cute bralette is available on http://www.koovs.com for Rs. 1,495.         2. Dorothy Perkins slim heels – A pair of slim heels is a necessity. This gorgeous pair of pink open toe heels

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