Reliving A Fashion Reverie With Mod’Art Fashion Show 2017

Mod'art International Institute Fashion Show 2017

From the French Riviera to fashion reveries, The Mod’Art Mumbai Fashion Show 2017 made quite an event for the designers from Mod’Art International Institute Mumbai. A quintessential combination of sangria, soirée, sensual silhouettes and a star-studded audience transformed the evening at Palladium Mall into a visual extravaganza.

With its Parisian influence, one of course cannot expect the ordinary from Mod’Art design students. The talented designers thrilled everyone with their inspirational designs and attention to every delicate detail. The show kick-started with a smart collection from the first years on the theme of ‘Illusion’. Blending 3D structures, alternative materials, origami and several other techniques, the sophomores came up with quite an impressive range of designs.

The second year students took up the baton with an even more astounding collection titled ‘Kalamkari’. Merging the ancient Srikalahasti Kalamkari craft with the French fashion history, these students rendered a breathtaking amalgamation of kalamkari prints and the French corset. The diversified usage of the corset elements like under-bust waist cinchers, corset belts, riveted trousers and cutout armour corsets did no less to enhance the ingenious designs. In short, the benchmark was well set by the time the graduating batch stepped in for the final showdown.

One could see the delight on the audience’s face grow as surfing from trans-Asian cultures to European literature, the final year designers left no stone of novelty unturned. The collections ranged from utility-centric ones like 3D-printed maternity line The Golden Lining Project to abstract avant-garde ones like Tartarus. We found the delicate tale of Hylas and the Nymphs in organza, taffeta, net and pearls as engaging as the cool stance taken by Snobiety in denims, knits and organics.

The collection Segue with its Korean-Indian culture blend emerged as one of the eye catchers. Taking a tip from the Korean series W: Two Worlds, Sehrish Mandlik conjured a fantasia of color-blocking and surface ornamentation influenced by the famous Namsan Tower. ‘The Supernova Remnant’ by Khyati Gandhi featuring galaxy prints on lace opened up a delightful vision of transforming silhouettes and prints through brilliant fabric manipulation.

The winning designers cherished a worthy session of awards handed by celebrity stylists Ashley Rebello, actor Amit Gaur and Waluscha D’Souza. Though TCC Style had a great time watching the collections on the runway, we will be eagerly waiting for the time when they hit the stores and are swept away by the fashion-loving crowd, ‘cause we believe that tasteful art is truly worth wearing.

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