5 Umbrellas That Are Totally Worth Your Purchase This Monsoon!

The classic black umbrella does the work of protection as well as any other. That often sets everyone wondering why on earth they should look for a printed or a fancy one. Did the umbrella meet street fashion only by chance, to add a style quotient to a street essential? Well, no. And that’s why we are back to discovering the whole point of umbrella fashion.

The fundamental truth about the umbrella is that it is firstly about design and then about style. It is the rare accessory that is solely designed for outdoors. But between being a sun-shield and a rain-shield, this utility-specific item has advanced a remarkable distance in design development.

Being the most prominent persona on the roads in monsoon, this street essential reinforces the belief in us that street style is not just about fashion but also about creative design. So we decided to scan the city and dig up some cool umbrellas that one can kill for this monsoon

The Double Layered Reverse Folding Umbrella

This umbrella has got swag with strength. The two-layered canopy enables freedom of using two different fabrics sporting different colors or prints. Hence the overall look of the umbrella is quite stylish. Moreover, the double-layer along with the reverse folding mechanism enhances the capacity of the umbrella to withstand heavy showers and storms. The fabrics are often equipped with UV-rays protective surfaces as well. Readily available on Amazon, you may not want to miss out on this one.

The Map Umbrella

Yes, it’s there, and it’s there in Mumbai. A truly useful umbrella that doubles up as a map of the enormous metropolitan is the handiest thing one could possess. The canopy of the umbrella features the detailed map of the city as a print, making it a traveller’s treasure. For all we know, other cities may also have their own maps on the umbrella, but they are absolutely worth checking out.

The Cartoon Umbrella

Since Suri Cruise stepped out with her Kidorable ladybug umbrella, cartoon umbrellas with fun prints and 3D shapes have gotten an official thumbs up. From Barbie prints to bunny ears, these too-cute fancy umbrellas are going all out to grab the attention of the demanding kids. They are the ideal way to lift up any kid’s day amidst the gloom of the monsoon.

The Paper Umbrella

Don’t break your heads, it’s not made of just paper. This 2000 year ancient Chinese umbrella is uniquely designed in oil-paper with a relative flat and fine-segmented canopy. Mythically known to ward off evil spirits, the umbrella made in bright colors and ethnic prints is a sure mood lifter on a dull day.

The Bubble Umbrella

A signature of the British royal family, the bubble umbrella is an absolute monsoon winner. With its dome-shaped transparent canopy, this umbrella is particularly moulded for a smooth, safe opening and closing process. Following the steps of Queen Elizabeth II and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, several celebrities including Rihanna and Blake Lively have been spotted with this umbrella. The high point is of course the transparency that allows one to look up in style even in the rains.


Our best picks of the trend from the city: