DO-IT-YOURSELF’ this festive season

Author: Akshi Ranka for TCC Style

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to dressing up for the festive season or just about any occasion. But, there comes a point that a wardrobe malfunction strikes or a ‘what-to-wear’ dilemma invites itself resulting into utter style helplessness. Now, that’s where we step in!

Refrain, Recycle and Render’ is the mantra that we follow here. Refrain from investing on fancy garms for each of these nine days, Recycle existing wardrobe pieces and Render them speechless with your DIY fashion skills. Leaving the Recycle part on us, scroll below to unravel TCCStyle’s DIY guide to rocking your ethic outfit this season!

STEP 1 –

Pull that plain denim shirt out of the myriad of clothes in your closet.


STEP 2 –

Collect ethnic laces and colourful threads that embrace the festive vibe strongly. Bring together a fabric glue and a rough cloth along with the laces.


STEP 3 –

Smoothen out the wrinkles of the denim shirt by ironing it well. Let your creativity take over then and go artsy with the available laces and the shirt! Take cue from our stylist Mansi Shah here.

unnamed (4).jpg











Here is what the result would look like!

TCCStyle tip – Slip the denim shirt over a subtle maxi dress underneath and put on a funky pair of earrings and stacked bangles to even out the look.

unnamed (3)

Denim shirts carry a versatile flair with them which makes them flow seamlessly with any look. Pair it with black tights or denim bottoms? Works wonderfully for a subtle yet stylish impression! Pair it with a plain-coloured slip dress and merge Indo-western smoothly. You see? DIY and denim when combined with creativity can take a fashionable turn! Lastly, don’t forget to experiment and add your own zing to your look!