5 ways to beat the heat in style

Author: Akshi Ranka for TCC Style

You leave your house wearing a clean outfit that fits your day’s mood, with hair swept right into perfection and eye-liner with wings as sharp as a knife. However, none of the above stays intact within minutes of being out under the scorching sun. We’ve all been there and we’ve all struggled with fashion that stays fresh even after facing the wrath of the city’s heat. To save you the trials and errors, here are five easy, everyday looks that would help you beat the heat while staying true to your personal style.


Although, a fall trend, sheer fashion is out and running on the streets with a fashionable flair! Moreover, how else do you kill this month’s heat while still keeping true to your style? Stock on pastel sheer smock dresses this season! Wear it over a spaghetti top tucked in high-waist denims for a casual yet stunning day out. Alternatively, pull it over a dress with a hue that compliments the sheer dress well for an upbeat occasion.



Indian elements in fashion never fail to create an impact! Why leave that spark when it comes to everyday ensembles? Infuse subtle ethnicity into contemporary wear by teaming up culottes with a printed top and a touch of Indian oxidised jewellery. If looking at effortless style, go for cotton traditional print detailed maxi/mid-length dresses. The key is to fuse the cultures up to create a balanced look!



Fancy sleeves have been doing the rounds for quite a bit already now. Embrace the trend to face off the heat while still maintaining your stylish panache. Pop bell sleeves, deconstructed sleeves, cascading sleeves, ruffles, balloon sleeves; say hello to them all in every form possible. Bag in tops, shirts, dresses and don’t forget to get experimental here by incorporating other trends into this.



Why should just women have all the fashion fun?! Especially when it comes to a trend that’s not just modish but also temptingly comfortable and homely. Pull out your joggers, tracks and loose pants, men! And, tie them with refined fashion by pairing those laid-back athleisure bottoms with a cotton extended length tee or a crew neck tee.



The heat is torturous and the part of your closet that’s dark will only add to it all. Opt for neutrals and soft hues this season; earth tones are buzzing the fashion charts! Welcome warm colours to your wardrobe; saffron yellow, dusky brown and incorporate a range of muted colours as well.


In the end, don’t forget to add your own personal zest and go all out with experimental fashion!



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