What went down with fashion at Lil Flea’17

Author: Akshi Ranka for TCCStyle

An all-day outdoorsy fun amalgamation of fashion, food, music and more – it was Mumbai’s turn to bask in its not-so-mainstream glory last week. Flooded with uber cool fashion brands, fusion footwear, tassel earrings, ethnic jhumkas lining several jewellery stalls, frilled umbrellas, contemporary sarees and organic fabrics, the event was a shopping hit! More than stocking up our shopping bags, the food and bar section and oh, the soul-soothing live gigs; to say the least, we’re still recovering from one mad package of amusement.

However, we at #TCCStyle are on a constant hunt for street style that’s inspiring, edgy and expresses ones personality. Which is what we did at Lil flea and here is the round-up of our top choices from the grounds of last week’s most happening event of the town!


We saw her wearing an emo chic look with a crop top paired with denim shorts and heeled black boots. However, that’s not all that we thought made her stand out of the crowd. Besides her ultimate chic outfit, striped coloured suspenders, those round glasses, a blonde touch on her cropped hair and that bold charcoal lip shade, everything combined so well to create a balanced look did it.


The checkered print is evergreen but the deconstructed shirt is not; it rules in once in a while, which it is now with the fall trends 2017. We found someone wearing that runway fall trend with the print essential to strike this laid-back yet a stylish impression. She paired her loose blue deconstructed shirt with black leggings and two-toned shoes – simple and stunning!


Another fall trend spotted being worn in an experimental fashion! Here is someone wearing a sheer striped long skirt with a plain black bralette and matching ankle boots. She accessorised the contrasting outfit with stacked silver bangles and a spark of confidence!


Here is another fashion lover bringing in an ethnic feel with this fusion look! High-waisted harem adorned with colourful geometric triangles paired with a red singlet and flats!


The fashion field definitely wasn’t left unexplored by men. Look at this lad donning this black simplicity with glamorous vans, matching motif pendant, studs and round glasses, breaking fashion stereotypes all the way! Oh and how could we leave his blonde spikes unappreciated?


Another fall piece from the runway, this time with the men looking dapper in it! We’re talking about the floral shirt, ladies and gentlemen! This guy here carries a half-sleeved one with rolled up black bottoms and classy dress boots, giving a comfortable twist to winter fashion.