Men’s fashion trend to adopt this season

Author: Akshi Ranka for TCC Style

When you hear the word ‘fashion’, sartorial style for women is what would come to your mind. Given that the relation between men and fashion isn’t as heard of as the close knit connection between women and fashion, this misconception is valid. However, fashion may not be a man’s top most interest but they definitely participate in that frenzy. On cue, here are the top six style essentials men would like to adopt this season!


Image result for all white mens outfit

You can either nail this look or take it downhill with the right sense of embracing this one. All white can be a tricky option but wearing it minimally is the key. Pick a white tee with matching shorts, a white shirt with off-white pants. When in doubt, adding some contrast with shoes, accessories or layering is the way to go!


Image result for chino shorts outfit men

When out lounging around on your vacation hammock or simply heading for a road trip on a weekend, get these out of your closet to see the sun. Bermuda shorts, chino shorts, athletic comfortable shorts; experiment them all with your basic tees, shirts and graphic tees.


Image result for layering fashion menswear with a denim jacket

Adding an extra element to your regular duo once in a while can really upgrade the look dramatically. Layer on, we say! Pull over a shirt or a denim jacket on a basic tee with denim jeans or Bermuda shorts. Alternatively, take a formal turn here with a casual blazer.


Image result for vertical stripes menswear

A mutual trend between women and men fashion, both, vertical stripes are reigning for a reason and it’s simple! Eye-catching, statement and versatile, these stripes are capable of adding character to just about any outfit. Need them for a bold look, they’re on it; need them for a subtle occasion and they blend in there too! Suits, shirts, T-shirts, shorts in variety of stripes are what you got to reel in this time.


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