Festive ethnic trends for men

Author: Akshi Ranka for TCCStyle

With the drum-rolls and the whole festive vibe unfolding now, it’s only justified to consider ethnic fashion now with a unique fervour; the same not just for the ladies but also for the men alike. As much as you’re exposed to the on-going fashion trends now, out of all the options, settling on a few appropriate ones would be a task. That is exactly what we’re here to do. Making men’s ethnic fashion easier and smoother for the forthcoming rush of Indian festivals, here is TCCStyle running you through a quick, practical guide to the same.


Sticking to the cultural core in a simple fashion; dhoti pants with a kurta. The combination had dulled down a little over the years but is now back on the surface. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, it’s elegant and it’s ethnically pleasing.


This palette of soft, subtle pastel colours have been a rage in the fashion industry since a few years and it still continues to be one. Now grandly venturing into men’s fashion, this colour family is ready to be embraced well this festive season.


Blending in your western with the classical Indian ethnic wear is trending right now; straight pants with kurtas, ethnic shirts with dhoti pants and other variants. Experiment, explore and expand your fusion fashion.


Waistcoat and a Nehru jacket is one men’s fashion piece that is extensively been worn these days. Embrace it in all forms, styles, colours, prints and patterns this season.


If you’re the kind to actually go ahead and try on different trends that you normally wouldn’t, this is your cue. For an elegant demeanour, add a pleated dupatta over a simple kurta, pyjama combination or a casual western look and watch it amplify its look all-the-more.


When it comes to footwear, a pair of mochdis transition any look into a traditional one with ease. Wear it with Indo-western, all ethnic or moderately western outfit too; these blend it with all.



Source: Nihal Fashion