Author: Akshi Ranka for TCCStyle

From simply pulling on a knit cardigan over your everyday basic combination to wearing a sleeveless top over a full-sleeved, high-neck top underneath, this year’s fall trends come with ease and a pragmatic essence. There are prints that are bold and speak the language of drama like the leopard print and there are those that are all about quirkiness and subtlety like plaid. Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, it is cue for the best of fall layering trends to descend into our fashion sensibilities. Moreover, for travelers who have a cold destination in mind for this holiday season, this might aid your packing process. Here is a rundown of the layering trends that you could possibly invite over to your closet.



High-neck is more than just a winter fad. They have come sweeping back into this year’s fall trends from the classics and have done so with immense panache. High neck knits and sweaters have been in lately and can only suggest the rage that is about to commence as the temperature drops furthermore. When worn with high-waist anything, they strike poise and a sense of grandeur. This one is of Thestyleograph from the Paris Fashion Week.



Warm, cosy knit or woollen scarves are here to join the fall fashion ferry this year again! The word is – accessorizing. Slip it around the neck casually for a subtle look. Alternatively, pair it with a light cover-up to balance up the look and bring you just the right amount of comfort and style. The below look is by Kritika Khurana, That Boho Girl.



Nothing better than a pair of glossy ankle boots that keep your feet warm and soaring with style! Ankle boots complement a dress just as well as it enhances the basic denim jeans look. Moreover, layering a short dress and experimenting with graphic boots is a good idea for this fall too. Take cue from Jessica Mercedes Kirschner’s look for the Paris Fashion Week.



We’ve been seeing a certain layering trick making the round lately. It is not only an effortless fashion trick but also is a great winter weather survivor. We’re referring to a pullover that is pulled over a thin layer underneath. If it gets too hot for comfort, the pullover can be simply pulled out to reveal the top underneath. This look has been picked out from Gia Kashyap’s stlyle file.



If chic is what you relate to then simply opting for the standard white shoes is what we would suggest. As for the fall element, adding a pair of high socks to the mix is the right thing to do! Look at Xenia Adonts sporting this look here!



When in doubt, just shrug a fall friendly jacket on your shoulders like Riya Jain (Caught in a Cuff) does here. Wear it on a dress, a skirt or basic pairing; a tweed jacket adds panache to a look yet with a laid-back demeanour.



Animal friendly, stained with a certain enigma and a statement power, faur fur had rolled into the trends earlier last year and has revisited the fashion world yet again. There is more than one way to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe these cold months. From fur trimmings and a scarf to a fur jacket or a top; the options are varied and must we add, absolutely ethereal! Below is Maria Vizuete flaunting her way of wearing faux fur!


Featured image source: Evening Standard